Rapid Agile Development

Our Process / Methodology

Rapid Agile Development is our development
methodology that has delivered countless success stories for clients &
rescued many failing software projects from other developers in the last past

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Rapid Process

  • Rapid Concept Workshop
    Gather Requirements
    Design Product Strategy
    Mitigate Technical Risks with an in-depth Technical Review
    Review Solution Architecture
  • Pre-Development Phase
    Branding/Customer Experience
    Onboarding Strategy
    User Interface Design
    User Experience Design
  • Sprint Zero
    Project Inception
    Sprint Planning
    Product Backlog Sign-off
  • Rapid Agile Development
    Design, Develop, Test, Ship!
    Demo builds delivered weekly
    Incorporate feedback
    Tailor the Product Backlog until product completion
  • Product Optimization Sprints
    Review Core Metrics Post-Launch
    Optimize Product Funnel
    Increase Conversions Across The Funnel

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