We’re looking for intelligent, motivated and hard-working people, who care about code quality, user interface, design and want to build technology that helps people solve real-world problems.

1. Call candidate on the phone and schedule a “Personality Interview” – 5 mins

2. “Personality Interview” – 30 mins

  • Try to understand if the person is a proper team match
  • What life situation are they in?
  • Why they are looking for new job?
  • How they chose their profession?
  • What are their mid/long term professional goals?
  • Self estimation on skill level?
  • Expected salary

3. Technical Task

  • Should take 4-6 man hours, usually spread across multiple days
  • Expect to receive deadline for the task and validate if candidate keeps the schedule
  • The task should be submitted in Github, or be sent along with its Git history
  • Check code quality, estimations, communication skills on a task, basic practices as proper Git messages

4. Technical Interview – 90 mins

  • Review the task
  • Reactions on feedback
  • Willingness for changing the approach
  • If candidate cut corners – why?
  • Deep dive into technical questions

5. Job proposal after couple of days